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•   CHAMPION-19 PET-5 (MAINS)_14.07.2018
•   FIRST YEAR PHASE TEST-1_09-07-18
•   CHAMPION-19 PET-4 (CHAMP)_07-07-18
•   CHAMPION-19 RET-3_2015 (P2)_02.07.2018
•   SECOND YEAR RET-4_2015 (P2)_02.07.2018
•   FIRST YEAR RET-4_2015 (P2)_02.07.2018
•   CHAMPION-19 PET-3 (CHAMP)_30-06-18
•   SECOND YEAR PET-4 (MAINS)_30-06-18
•   FIRST YEAR PET-4 (MAINS)_30-06-18
•   SECOND YEAR RET-3_2015 (P1)_25.06.2018
•   FIRST YEAR RET-3_2015 (P1)_25.06.2018
•   SECOND YEAR PET-3 (MAINS)_23-06-18
•   FIRST YEAR PET-3 (MAINS)_23-06-18
•   CHAMPION-19 RET-2_2014 (P2)_18.06.2018
•   SECOND YEAR RET-2_2014 (P2)_18.06.2018
•   FIRST YEAR RET-2_2014 (P2)_18.06.2018
•   CHAMPION-19 RET-1_2014 (P1)_11.06.2018
•   SECOND YEAR RET-1_2014 (P1)_11.06.2018
•   FIRST YEAR RET-1_2014 (P1)_11.06.2018
•   CHAMPION-19 PET-1 (CHAMP)_09-06-18
•   SECOND YEAR PET-1 (MAINS)_09-06-18
•   FIRST YEAR PET-1 (MAINS)_09-06-18
•  Dear Students,please find Schedules of Pre-Final and Final IPE Exams for First Year and Second Year Students here.
•  Dear Students,follow these links to download Chemistry Projects.
   ☞ Determination of Rate of Evaporation of Different Liquids.    ☞ Study of Quantity of Casein in Milk.
   ☞ Food Adultration.    ☞ Digestion of Starch.    ☞ Methods of Purification of Water.    ☞ Tensile Strength of Fibers.
•   Download Physics Practicals and Chemistry Practicals here.