1) What are the courses provided by FIITJEE?
FIITJEE is reputed educational institute for providing coaching for competitive examinations like IITJEE right from the early stages of schooling. We provide after school academic support for foundation programs from class VIIth to Xth wherein students are trained in various Olympiads and talent tests like NTSE along with IITJEE foundation classes. In FIITJEE Hyderabad special integrated programs for class XI and XII which includes board exams as well as competitive exams (IITJEE) preparation.

2) How many gateways to get admission into FIITJEE?
Admission into FIITJEE is based on periodic admission tests that happen from January to July which are over and above the annual FTRE exam conducted in December every year. These tests not only provide an admission gateway into FIITJEE but also recognize and reward meritorious students for scholarships and fee concession into FIITJEE programs. Direct admission with no scholarship is also taken.

3) To which board are FIITJEE institutions are affiliated to?
The curriculum of FIITJEE programs is designed to cover the syllabus of all major boards of study specifically targeting IITJEE Mains and Advanced. However with regards to board exams the XI and XII class students of integrated course take up the board of intermediate examination as per the college affiliation.

4) How many times a student can appear for the admission tests?
A student can write the admission test only twice in an academic year. If He / She have already taken the FTRE then he / she can write it only once.

5) What are the subjects to be prepared & what is the question paper pattern for the admission test?
At the junior level, for students seeking admission to class 7th - 10th the subjects for testing are IQ, Science and Maths. At the senior level, for student seeking admission to class 11th and 12th or 12th pass, tests will be conducted in IQ, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The question paper pattern would be competitive examination model for that level.
1) Considering the fact that my child is spending substantial amount of time with FIITJEE, do they have to study further at home?
FIITJEE takes care of teaching the concept thoroughly as well as working out time in the study hours. However for perfection the student is required to revisit and recap topics taught on a day to day basis so that in case they have any doubts clarification of the same can happen the very next day. CPPs would be provided on a regular basis to students to support their self study, assessment and preparation for the weekly tests.

2) Do you have any special program for students who are not really up to the mark or average students?
FIITJEE teaching methodology ensures that there is no gap in the concept understand by student whenever such instances occur that is identified by the faculty or the parent or the students themselves feel lack of perfection in any area they would be advised for spending extra time with faculty and this could be during the study hours or even after college timings too. Fiitjee ensures that Maths, physics and chemistry faculty are available till 8.00 pm regularly to support students who required special attention.

3) Will special classes be arranged for students who missed couple of classes for various reasons?
In all normal conditions it is always advised that student should try not to miss even a single class. Because classroom learning provides experience for the child for learning subject not only from the facilitator but also from the discussions between the peer group, which cannot be compensated. However in unavoidable circumstances loss of curriculum during absenteeism have to be covered by the child by staying after class or during weekends. The onus of taking an appointment and getting topics taught lies on student only.

4) Do you guide the student in aspects of career other than IITJEE?
Yes, of course. We have a proven record of excellence in training students for not just competitive examinations in India but for international career admissions through SAT also. We ensure that full support and guidance is provided to each student for admission into different engineering colleges and courses of their choices.

5) My child did not have any IIT foundation training at school level. How will this impact his chances of getting into IITJEE?
Foundation courses for competitive examinations at school level help the student to orient themselves towards education at early ages only. However it is not mandatory that children who have attended foundation courses alone do well at IITJEE entrances. The dedication and focus which student exhibits in these two years of intermediate education are the key determinant factors for his success.
To ensure that all the children are equally trained and oriented for competitive examinations FIITJEE conducts two tests every week covering all possible patterns of competitive examinations.

6) Does FIITJEE focus only on IITJEE or do you also train for other than competitive exams?
IITJEE entrance is the most accredited and well structured test for career education. Therefore targeting this FIITJEEā€™s learning programs train a student to enhance their competency levels and enable them to face other admission tests like BITSAT, EAMCET, B.Arch. along with excellence in the boards as scores in board examination have their weight-age in admission for professional courses.

7) Is it sufficient for me to concentrate on FIITJEE study materials alone to attain my goal or do I need other supplements?
FIITJEE study materials are prepared by a committed team which after through research ensures that the latest developments and updates in JEE Mains and Advanced and other competitive exams are all included. For board exam preparation these material along with the prescribed text books prove to be very supportive.

8) Do you think that segregation of students into top batches could not effect on their psychology?
FIITJEE as a career guidance institute has more than 20 years of experience in training students for IITJEE. Our batch strength is limited to a number where one-on-one interaction within teacher and the student is maintained. In a batch best result is achieved when all the participants are more or less are the same IQ and focus levels. If there is large variation in academic standards within the batch a below average student is lost during a high-end session at the same time when repeated teaching is happening a highly competitive student looses interest. To ensure that a child is learning happily without pressure of performance unhealthy competition or situations of frustration students are segregated into batches with matching capabilities. This segregation is done in a proper analytic manner based on numerous test performances, class response, student attitude and their personal references too. Also this segregation is not limited and periodic shuffling happens based on student requirement and faculty feedback.

9) Do you provide any counseling for students for handling their non-academic issues?
FIITJEE is known to be an institute where minimum psychological pressure is given to the child and the teenager is treated with at most care in concern. Over and above imparting subject knowledge each and every faculty member functions as the counselor for the child. We follow a mentor based model of education and student is guided in all aspects of career and well being of life.
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